When you enter into a new relationship, there’s almost 100% chance that you’re not the first person they’ve ever been romantically involved with. People have pasts, they have baggage, and they have all manner of exes – if you’re lucky, none of them have any influence still over their lives.

Sometimes, though, insecurity and jealousy can get the better of us, and these 10 women are confession to worrying because they think their partners ex(es) are prettier than they are.

10. And yet he still chose you.

Think about that for a change!

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9. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair.

But that’s life, kiddo!

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8. She’s probably moved on.

If she’s that hot she’s off to someone hotter, too!

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7. You have to keep thinking that way.

He was with her and now he’s not!

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6. It’s ok to hate it.

Don’t dwell on it, and don’t let it get to you, either.

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5. Work on your own self confidence.

That will definitely serve you well in the future.

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4. Maybe words of affirmation aren’t his thing.

If they’re your thing, tell him!

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3. What does it matter what she looks like?

They’re not together anymore!

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2. Don’t let her do that to you.

I bet she doesn’t waste any energy thinking about the two of you.

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1. This sounds like a you problem.

I’m just saying, girl. Chin up!

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Y’all, don’t do this! Work on your own self confidence and be happy with what you have.

Have you overcome feelings like this in a relationship? Tell us your secret to happiness in the comments!