There are a lot of Romantic Comedies out there. Rom coms, if you like. Or if you feel like being a reductive, vaguely chauvinist dude bro, “chick flicks.” They’re a pretty big cultural force and they have been for decades, and so many of them have one central trope in common: the wedding reveal.

You know the kind of scene that I mean. It’s the day of the wedding, she’s going to marry the handsome jerk who doesn’t really care about her, but instead the actually more handsome but nominally less wealthy true love shows up, or maybe she just runs off, or a couple stands up and proposes in the middle of another marriage, etc.

Setting a major plot point in the midst of a wedding is a great way to make the thing feel big and high stakes. It’s fun! But what about when those kinds of doubts and twists and shifts in perspectives occur in real-life weddings?

The results are…not as spectacular.

10. “I took a chance on love.”

When someone shows you who they are, best not to argue with it.

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9. “The biggest mistake of my life.”

Love isn’t magic.

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8. “I’m more miserable.”

Shotgun weddings have always been a bad call.

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7. “I do”

“Er…I guess maybe I don’t.”

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6. “His ex’s name”

Woof, that is a big ol’ yikes.

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5. “Too deep in”

That’s called sunk cost thinking.

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4. “I was a coward”

Trust yourself.

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3. “I left the mistake”

That’s a lot quicker than a lot of people manage to do it.

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2. “A mistake I needed to make”

It’s good to be able to recognize the silver linings where they shine.

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1. “A do over button”

The stuff of movies eludes us again.

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It’s scary stuff. All the more reason to really make sure you’re ready before you tie the knot.

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