Across the country there are thousands of sorority chapters with hundreds of thousands of members, mostly very young members, between them.

Each and every one of those members has a story to tell. What’s it like, stepping out of the home of your upbringing into this strange new social order? Independant and yet still accountable, on your own and yet part of intricate group living? Seems like it may be a recipe for a bit of a bumpy ride.

I wouldn’t know the first thing about it, though, which is why I’m so interested in these ten anonymous submissions from real sorority members describing their experiences.

10. “Doesn’t make an effort”

A “big” is a sort of mentor to a newcomer. Or that’s the idea, anyway.

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9. “The smile is fake”

Then why are you doing it?

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8. “Almost didn’t join”

Sometimes the rejects are exactly the folks you wanna be around.

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7. “Feel more connected”

Hazing is a weird thing – there’s a fine line between fun solidarity and abuse.

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6. “The meanest girls”

Again, I wonder what compels people to stay when they feel this way.

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5. “No one knows”

Oh, college.

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4. “Hated and alone”

Kind of the opposite of the stated purpose, yeah?

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3. “I was a stripper”

Dang, how high were those dues?

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2. “I switched them.”

Seems like he got off easy.

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1. “Super Smash Bros”

This game knows no gender. It is the ultimate experience for all.

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Ah, to be in college again. What a wild and ridiculous time.

Do you have experience in a sorority of a fraternity?

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