I’ve been trying to work out, but so far, it’s just not working out. And by that I mean I’m just not working out.

I’ve been trying to work out why my work toward workouts haven’t been working out, but so far it hasn’t worked.

Maybe if I work on working out some workout memes I can finally work out why my workouts don’t work out.

Are you tired of this schtick yet? You wanna get on with the memes? Yeah me too, let’s do it.

10. No excuses

I don’t understand people like this and I never will and I’m not sure if I want to.

Source: The Chive

9. Music to my ears

And it’s too awkward to ask them if they’ll play your murder podcast over the loudspeakers.

Source: The Chive

8. Tense situations

Good morning, dummy.

Source: The Chive

7. Day and night

Why can’t we just do the fun parts like everybody wants to?

Source: The Chive

6. The breast around


Source: The Chive

5. Problem solved

Now that’s a lot of damage.

Source: The Chive

4. Time flies

Oh cool, so I’m going to die soon basically.

Source: The Chive

3. Taco Tuesday

It can be every day if you just believe hard enough.

Source: The Chive

2. Dead serious

I’m not even bending the truth here.

Source: The Chive

1. That’s swell

My gut feeling about this is that it’s probably not good.

Source: The Chive

Man, that almost motivates me to actually go exercise. Almost.

What’s your fitness like right now?

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