I have this friend who’s one of those body-builder types. He’s…huge. One I was working with my writing partner on a project that took us into some unfriendly territory and we brought him along for the express purpose of dissuading anyone around us from wanting to start anything. He is battle-deterrent stacked, is what I’m saying.

And I’ll always remember this post he made one New Year’s Day. The exact text of it alludes me but the gist was simple: “Don’t talk to me about being your personal trainer today. If you’re still serious about it next month, then let’s chat, but today, I don’t have time.”

He was so used to an endless flood of New Year’s resolution would-be gym rats who would inevitably bail that he had to preemptively call them out.

And yanno what, he was smart to do so. Because I myself had thought about that being my year, and it absolutely wasn’t. It’s never gonna be my year for the gym. But it will always be my year for memes about it.

10. Tread lightly

Time is your enemy in fitness.

Source: The Chive

9. The sip

What the heck do they put in these things?

Source: The Chive

8. Pressing issues

Beat that, Linda.

Source: The Chive

7. Questions answered

Thanks for noticing.

Source: The Chive

6. Compare and contrast

I shall always be the trash panda.

Source: The Chive

5. Getting curved

Better watch out.

Source: The Chive

4. Peachy keen

Be proud of your accomplishments.

Source: The Chive

3. Surely this time…

My friend would like to have a word with you.

Source: The Chive

2. Set me up

I am once again asking how long you’re going to take.

Source: The Chive

1. So hongry

Still a good boi.

Source: The Chive

Maybe next year will be my year?

How’s your fitness lately?

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