There’s a dad joke I’ve carried with me my entire life up to this point, but it didn’t actually come from my dad. It came from a friend of my dad’s, who was a dad himself, elsewise he couldn’t possibly have mustered the strength to employ such a joke.

The exchange went something like this:

“Welp, I’m gonna go work out.”
“You? Work out?”
“Yeah, I’m gonna work some change out of my pocket at Sonic and get some ice cream.”

Now, dear reader, you probably want to click away, but I implore you not to, because the workout memes we’ve got coming up here are much better than that.

I mean, they’d have to be, right?

10. Time keeps on slippin’

I think Einstein might have had some things to say about this.

Source: The Chive

9. Instant gratification

How come this isn’t working yet?

Source: The Chive

8. No pain no gains

It’s all been worth it just for this moment.

Source: The Chive

7. Quality time

How is her lower body shaped like that? Genuinely I did not know this was possible for a human.

Source: The Chive

6. The duality

I, too, dye my hair while on a treadmill.

Source: The Chive

5. Distraction

Do you even lift, Bill?

Source: The Chive

4. Pure motivation

Not sure you’re doing that right, but what do I know?

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3. Everything in balance

You can’t judge me, I put in a modicum of effort today.

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2. Too cool

his is absurd, I want my money back.

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1. Floor time

I think I’ll take a stand against this.

Source: The Chive

Ok, now I’m gonna go work out…what kind of pizza I want to order tonight.

How’s your fitness been lately?

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