You ever feel like your entire head is just a mess?

Like, the outside parts of it are all wrong, the inside parts of it don’t know what they’re doing, even the back of it seems kinda out of nowhere and like it should go away.

That’s how I feel about my head most of the time and apparently how my head feels about me, since it’s always trying to trip me up in some new and anxiously innovative way. But I’m not alone in experiencing this – there’s a whole internet of weirdos behind me. And they’re making memes. Beautiful, painful memes.

11. What a post

That’s it, game is over, you win.

10. Anxiety prime

I’m in the prime of my life, thank you.

9. I’m a creep

You have no power here and you shall not pass.

8. Panik, panik, red alert

There’s something here from somewhere else.

7. I’m a reject

We handle it with grace, and screaming. Lots and lots of internal screaming.

6. Cry me a river

That’s the entire moral of the story, I think.

5. What is your malfunction

Oh man. It’s funny because it’s absolutely horrifying.

4. Night out

It’s important to make time for the big things.

3. Sprinkle for effect

I’m nothing if not theatrical.

2. What a deal!

I can get you a way better price than that.

1. The motto

My “live, laugh, love.”

We may be doing battle with our heads, but at least we’ve got interesting ones.

How do you deal with anxiety?

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