Hey ladies, and girls, and women, and also all other variety of humans! We’ve got memes! That are funny! Would you like to see them? Well you gotta answer my riddle first.

Actually nevermind, I forgot what the riddle was, I was too busy laughing at these memes, here just look at them.

15. Nailed it

Why must the things we love always go?

14. King of the jungle

He knew what was up.

13. Don’t get it twisted

And he managed that much after like fifty blunts, so.

12. Work it out

Well, that’s enough crunches for today.

11. Eye see you

When you just gotta put it all on the line.

10. Moral support

Nevermind what he did let’s SKIP TO THE GOOD PART.

9. Candid camera

Oh totes no effort, just chillin’ with the besties.

8. Celebration time

Why is that second one in front of Christmas wreaths?

Via: The Chive

7. All the single ladies

Nobody looks particularly happy to be here.

6. The best

Totes agreed.

5. The highest compliments

Why thank you, you’ve just made my month.

4. The French style

I can’t make it…go on without me.

3. The feeling

The sheets just hit the fan.

2. Just browsing

HOW is this so effectively terrifying?

1. Fixer upper

Hey man at least you’ve got a car.

Nothing like a solid meme break.

Which meme made you laugh the most?

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