We’ve got some high quality tweets for you today, as always, and while we think just about anyone will enjoy them, women in particular will probably get the biggest kick out of this collection.

And I mean that literally. You will kick your legs around, that’s how funny these tweets are. You will destroy the things in the general vicinity of your legs. Please clear the area of of any pets, children, faberge eggs, normal eggs, or computers.

Because it’s about to be kicky time.

10. The thick of it

Well it never hurts to just check and make sure.

9. Skin deep

I’m a dude and my skin has never looked anywhere near this good.


8. Fake it till you make it

Honestly, me neither.

7. The sky’s the limit

Wait, is this true? *furiously googles*

6. Shave and a haircut

Just wrap yourself in a bunch of blankets and mummy yourself through the cold times.


5. Not my type

There’s all kinds of reasons to wine about it.

4. The big stretch

It’s a great way to start / spend half of your day.

3. Bottomless

Sounds like a billion dollar idea if ever I’ve heard one.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Oh totally, I often wear strange flowers on my clothes to normal events.

1. A hair too fast

I don’t know, we can’t stop it, please help.

Those are some quality tweets right there. Did you get kicking? Is everything around you ok?

How would you rate your reaction to those tweets?

Tell us all about it in the comments.