Terrible students of the world, we salute you. Because without you, we’d never have such dank, tasty memes to laugh at.

And to be sure, we’re laughing with you AND at you.

Because that’s just how we roll.

Drop those memes, yo!

11. Every. Single. Time.

10. So me it hurts.

Photo Credit: trenzawhor.tumblr.com

9. There are no more “little victories.”

8. Tell me I’m wrong. It’s called EFFICIENCY!

Photo Credit: Reddit/Gtownbadass

7. Don’t let them catch you slipping…

6. I’ll become a plumber.

5. It’s only 79 or 84 off…

4. They wanted us to READ?!

3. Instant besties

Photo Credit: mfvictoria.tumblr.com

2. And for my next magic trick…

Photo Credit: Twitter/GrantHimself

1. Procrastination is an art, not a science.

Photo Credit: Shawnife_

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