I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a trend in TV lately to a lot of attention being placed on severely wholesome content.

It’s not exactly the same kind of wholesome as what we would think of with squeaky-clean classic sitcoms, which kept their programs pure for fear of censorship, it’s more the kind of thing that arises from making a realistic assessment of the world, taking a deep breath, and saying “Alright. How do I put a very optimistic spin on this?”

It’s good. It helps us keep focus. It gives us hope. And so do these wholesome memes, so enjoy them.

11. Teach a man to fish

Aw yiiis. All the fishes to ourselves.

10. Kiss the cook

You can’t tell if it’s genuine or not and you genuinely don’t care.

9. Catch my drift

I once caught a wholesome moment thiiiiiiis big.

8. The cheering section

We can all use a little support sometimes.

7. The walk

Sticking to it is the best thing we can do.

6. Not a fan

Hey look at that, we can allow people to like things.

5. Passing the baton

I have taught you all that I can. It is up to you now, young one.

4. Growing up

That kid is about to get yeeted into the pool and we all know it.

3. Cuddle buddies

Even more important when you’re a frog.
Cause yanno. Cold blooded and all.

2. What the truck?

We are the same, you and I. On the highway of life together.

1. The usual

Fill me up.

Now THAT’S some wholesome wonderment.

What’s something nice that’s happened with you lately?

Tell us in the comments.