Let’s face it – sometimes, laughing is the only way to get through the day when your kids are pushing every last button.

And you know as well as I do that occurs at least a couple of times a week. AT LEAST.

So, moms and dads everywhere are going to want to keep these 11 posts handy.

Get ready to laugh, fam, because it’s meme time!

11. This happened in Missouri.

And the dad still doesn’t think anybody is wrong.

10. Perfect for daily wear.

This made me laugh out loud. “Gab sesh” is such a good phrase.

9. The last one is key.

DO NOT touch the god damned thermostat!

8. In an odd twist of fate…

To be fair, they had it coming.

7. If you even have friends left.

We hope you have friends, but you probably don’t. Especially if you’re a guy.

6. Is this accurate, though?

That’s a creepy f**king photo, though!

5. Wine also helps.

But not too much wine. Just enough. Like two bottles should do the trick. A night.

4. That moment when you think being a widow wouldn’t be so bad.

Sorry, I was watching the people on the television make noises with their mouths.

3. Why would you not want to, though?

That is such a classic dad move.

2. Did you think none of us were trying or something?

Oh, you’ll learn someday you judgey son of a bi**h. You will LEARN!

1. *try to disappear*

And dad VANISHES into thin air.

I’m going to read back over these before I tackle bedtime tonight!

How do you diffuse your irritation after a long day alone with the kids?

Share your tricks with us in the comments!