There are so many social media platforms out there that it’s something of a perfect storm when one shows up and manages to not only stick around, but remain relevant at the same time.

Tumblr is unique in many ways, but one of the best things about the platform is the way it allows users to pile on each other’s posts and threads, often times unraveling the message in a brilliant way that just makes you laugh.

These 11 posts are good examples of why Tumblr is still going strong!

11. Yeah, still too soon.

10. The face every sibling of a better sibling knows well.

9. What a complicated origin story.

8. Wowwwww sick burn.

7. You should probably know the answer to that.

6. I love how it had to be explained in detail.

5. He will outlast you.

4. It could be an entire series.

3. When your perfect caption is just perfect.

2. They specialize in many-layered genius.

1. Also they are made out of the same things.

I’m headed over to log in now, because I could use another few laughs!

What’s your favorite Tumblr account? You know, the one that gives you ALL the lols!

Give us the link in the comments. Or we will find you… and, well, do nothing. We’ve got no power over you in any way.