There are days when we turn to the internet for outrage, or activism, or just to vent about the latest snafu at work (or that thing we overheard at a coffee shop).

Then, there are days when all we want from our social media is to make us laugh.

If you’re having one of the latter-type days, well, these 11 posts on Tumblr have got you covered.

11. You just described hell.

I mean… NOBODY wants to watch that. Trust me. It’s BORING.

10. These are all of the most obvious uses, of course.

Especially the shaking the stick at god. I do that on the daily.

9. That’s called a nightmare, my friend.

But… it’s also a reality that I sat at lunch by myself, so… not THAT bad, eh?

8. People are monsters, Exhibit A.

I don’t even want to talk about it.

7. What? It’s free treatment!

It’s called DEEP acupuncture. Look it up.

6. Is it a joke, though?

This could be a viable career path…

5. Land and sea.

Just call the cops, fam. Seriously.

4. Real talk.

Oh… it’s on like donkey kong now, fam!

3. Knocked it right into the sea.

Take that ya smokey, half mountain!

2. I have been this tired… so no judgement.

But still… does she need some help? It sounds like she needs some help.

1. Way harsh, God.

Why you no help, God? WHY?!?!

I’m feeling lighter already, right? How about you? Where’s your favorite place to get the funniest sh^t on the interwebs?

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