I think that when I die, rather than have some pithy quote as my epitaph, I’d like chiseled upon my gravestone the meme that I found most relatable in my lifetime. It could easily become a trend among those of us who have lived our lives mostly or entirely in the era when memes are practically the most common form of self expression. Keep your Shakespeare quotes and your “loving husband” designations and what not, I’ll take a classic Salt Bae or Dat Boi to express what my life was all about.

Of course, with so many highly relatable memes out there, it would be a difficult prospect to choose just one to truly represent me. Here are a few possibilities.

11. TV troubles

The children of today don’t know the burdens of our past.

10. PJ armor

You don’t expect to GAIN weight during a crisis, but, here we are.

9. Tastemakers

Whew, I’m safe.

8. Don’t @ me

Actually do @ me, please, I crave validation at all hours.

7. Night and day

Can’t sleep in if you don’t sleep.

6. Struttin’

Still gonna expect that assignment submitted by the stroke of midnight, though.

5. Consider carefully

I guess technically I’m a con man?

4. Microbro

This has a real heady feel to it.

3. Pave the way

Like getting a speed boost when you’re not racing.

2. Sky high

Santa has never looked so lost.

1. Eyes on the prize

At least I’m reading.

I just can’t decide what meme best expresses me. I’d better do some more research; there’s lots more to sift through on this great big internet of ours!

If you have to pick one meme to express who you are as a person, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.