Are you wasting a bunch of time right now?

Of course you are. You clicked on this. Nobody made you. That wasn’t a part of your job. It’s not a thing you had on your to-do list. You’re here because you’re being a big ol’ procrastinator. And you know what? That’s fine. We are not here to judge, we’re here to enable.

Spend some time looking at these 11 random memes instead of doing real stuff.

11. Mission impossible

The floor is lava and the wires are feelings.

10. I am infinite

My drama knows NO BOUNDS.

9. Get in the game

He just kinda…does his own thing.

8. Another gem

I’m gonna break the system before the system breaks me…

7. It’s a sign

Numbers don’t lie.

6. Cat’s out of the bed

The sun is up, why aren’t you?

5. Sharing is caring

Gimme that gum, comrade.

4. Now hear this

Some things are just burned into our minds forever and there’s nothing we can do about it.

3. Cherished memories

Somewhere in cloud storage, millions of these things are just collecting digital dust.

2. Gansta rat

Don’t pretend you love hip hop if you don’t know who this is.

1. Out of this world

Look, we can be educational, or we can get ratings, we can’t do both.

There’s a few minutes of your life you’ll never get back, nor would you ask to. Because time spent looking at great memes is never truly wasted.

What kinds of memes are your favorite?

Tell us in the comments.