Technically I only speak one language, but I’d still like to think that I’m bilingual because I also speak the language of memes.

In fact, I probably communicate more effectively with memes than I do with English lately. If that’s you as well, I think you’ll enjoy this gallery.

Here are thirteen random memes that say what we’re all feeling.

13. Right on track

Ah, it’s halfway across the country. Good. Good to know.

12. Not now…

More reliable than an alarm clock.

11. Wakey wakey

Thanks, I needed existential dread homework.

10. Neither/nor

Bold of you to assume I can function at any time of day.

9. A real cut up

Apparently I’m the only one around here with a sense of humor.

8. Mood swings

I was probably just hungry or something lol.

7. I’m in your corner

Meanwhile the actual spider in the pool is definitely just drowning.

6. My time to shine

Hope you’re comfy, this is gonna be a few hours.


Look it up.

4. Divisive times

I was just now years old when I learned this.

3. So low

What a deal!

2. Shifting priorities

See, I pulled a little sneaky on myself.

1. Consumer mindset

I think there might have been something in those cookies…

You know the old saying: memes speak louder than words. More dankly, too.

What do you use memes for?

Tell us in the comments.