There are no easy relationships. If a relationship is good and healthy then there are more easy days than not, but loving and caring for another human being day in and day out is bound to bring at least occasional challenges.

One of those challenges for some couples is maintaining a romantic relationship while you’re not living in close proximity, but as you can see below, this challenge is too much for some people – like these 11 – to navigate faithfully.

11. Sounds like an odd situation altogether.

I definitely need to know more.

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10. This seems extremely excessive.

Like, there’s avoiding confrontation and then there’s this.

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9. Don’t make the same mistakes again.

I’m assuming he won’t be as forgiving the next time.

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8. Small detail there at the end.

It doesn’t sound like this is going to work out.

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7. Yes, I am wondering, too.

Time for some self reflection, perhaps.

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6. Maybe break up with him first next time.

Just a thought.

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5. It’s not a competition.

At least, I don’t think that it should be.

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4. I guess it was no big deal.

For either one of them. Interesting.

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3. I hope he’s open to enlightenment.

Otherwise this is bound to end in disaster.

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2. There is something to be said for hate s^x.

That said, it’s best to do it when you’re single.

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1. You can actually talk to people without sleeping with them.

In case anyone needed to hear this.

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I say if you don’t want to be faithful, just break up. Why cheat?

If you have a good answer for that from your perspective, enlighten us in the comments!