The world is learning more and more about all kinds of genders and sexualities these days, and thankfully for all of us really, we’re more accepting of those lived experiences that are different from our own as well.

If you’re curious what it’s like to be polyamorous and about to embark on a committed relationship, these 11 engaged folks are dishing up the facts.

11. I wonder why marriage is so important?

Totally legitimate question, and I’m married.

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10. I had no idea this could be a thing.

I thought everyone loved each other!

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9. That must be a common and real fear.

I imagine it’s a tough one to navigate.

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8. Well this is kind of adorable.

I want to see the wedding photos.

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7. Eh, it’s always complicated.

Find out why she’s saying no and then move on if you have to.

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6. It can be frustrating.

No one likes to be forced to make hard choices.

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5. It must be hard not to feel like the non-favorite.

No one likes that feeling, because it’s not a good one.

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4. Freak out in a good way I hope!

Fingers’ crossed that everything works out for the best.

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3. I have so many questions.

I wish we could ask followups on this site!

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2. It can be hard to talk about.

No relationships are easy, as it turns out.

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1. Maybe have a Zoom call or something.

Just so everyone is on the same page.

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This is all fascinating to me and I love having a better understanding of others.

If you’re polyamorous, tell us in the comments what these kinds of experiences were like from your perspective as well!