In a majority of cases, a divorce is never an easy thing to announce. Even if you’re sure, even if it was your idea, and even if you’re sure it’s the right thing for everyone involved – it’s the end of something huge in your life, and unless you were being abused, you and everyone you know is bound to be a little sad for awhile.

That said, there are some right things and some very wrong things to say when someone tells you their marriage is over, and these 11 people?

They made a wrong turn. Read on and learn from their lessons!

11. Well that is definitely not an appropriate response.

Literally to any comment at all.

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10. That hurts no matter who says it.

But your own dad? Ouchie.

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9. I guess she didn’t have anything to say.

You know the old “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”

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8. Anyone else curious who Mom didn’t think deserved time with the kids?

I hope she was on her daughter’s side there, anyway.

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7. Did you wonder if that someone fun was her?

Because I definitely am.

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6. Maybe they just don’t know what to say.

But I’m thinking that “I’m here for you” is better than nothing.

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5. That will be awkward if you change your mind.

Otherwise yay for having your back.

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4. Well that is truly awful.

What a monster-in-law for the ages.

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3. That’s a very interesting response.

And by ‘interesting’ I mean ‘suspicious.’

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2. Everybody has to pick a side.

You wouldn’t want traitors on your team, anyway.

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1. It’s never a good time to say that.

Literally never. Just stop it.

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Yeah, y’all, I feel like some of these no-nos should have been obvious.

If you’ve been divorced, what’s something you really wish people wouldn’t have said to you? If you’re comfortable, tell us about it in the comments!