In her book Marriage and Intimacy: A Proactive Path to Happily Ever After, author Tracie Sage says

“Each bump or challenge in our intimate connections offers us a perfect opportunity to deepen our level of intimacy, while allowing us to grow and evolve both individually and together.”

Intimacy can take many forms in a relationship, especially in one that’s been going on for quite a while. But to take it out of the academic and the theoretical – what do real people think?

Let’s find out with these true, anonymously-submitted confessions from married folks.

11. What do you want?

Really knowing someone is one of the best feelings in the world.

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10. Keep it fresh

Sounds like quite a steamy good time.

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9. Surprise!

When the moment takes you, you just gotta take the moment.

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8. It gets better

It’s all uphill from here.

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7. Mustn’t tell

Does the sneaking around make it all the better?

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6. Good morning

“Sorry I’m late fellas, but you’d definitely understand if I told you why.”

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5. Change is in the air

Was there some kind of magic there?

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4. Go for the gold!

To stop now would probably be bad luck.

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3. Insatiable appetite

It’s the best when both people have it.

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2. Sick and sensuality

The Man never needs to know.

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1. Goin’ down

Oh, I’ll bet he does.

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It’s great to hear these wonderful tales of wedded bliss. Relationships are what we make of them!

Are you married? What’s your sex life been like?

Share if you dare in the comments.