I’ll give you a choice. You can take the blue pill, leave this page, and wake up in your bed tomorrow believing whatever you want. Or, you can take the red pill, and follow me into a world of mildly mind-blowing memes that will very, very slightly change your perception of reality forever.

I don’t actually have pills, so, if you want to have your mind blown, just scroll down. AND PREPARE TO BE SLIGHTLY AMAZED.

11. Froot lies

If you’re color blind, don’t worry about this one.

10. Patio: master mode

Work smarter not harder.

9. Patio: BEAST MODE

Why even work?

8. Cornfused

Those gross candies were right all along.

7. Not’a’lot’a’noodles

Gotta make room for the scalding hot water, man.

6. Math is hard

I’m going back to Flintstones vitamins.

5. 5 dollar foot wrong

There was literally a class action lawsuit about this.

4. Pineapple problems

I guess they’re like money in this regard.

3. Foam alone

I don’t know which blows my mind more, the display or the “how to buy towels” sign.

2. An eary difference

Finally I can feel like an athlete while I’m napping on the couch listening to podcasts.

1. See you later?

I have done MINUTES of research and can’t tell if this is something they do always or sometimes but either way it’s amazing.

I know. Your world is changed forever now. It’s OK. Take a deep breath. You’ll adjust. And soon…you’ll know Kung Fu.

What’s the most mind-blowing fact you’ve learned recently?

Enlighten us in the comments.