I would venture to say that a good date, though a rare thing, isn’t as rare as a good and lasting relationship. Good dates can be one-offs, they can be long ago, they can happen as a total and fleeting surprise – but there’s no arguing they’re not totally sweet when they do.

These 11 self-described romantics are ready to share what they call their best date ever.

11. There is something so romantic about this.

And their guacamole doesn’t hurt.

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10. Those first dates are often magical.

Or maybe we just remember them that way.

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9. There’s a memory for you.

I’m not sure it was super romantic, but.

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8. There’s something romantic about the rain!

Hollywood hasn’t gotten that terribly wrong.

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7. Sounds pretty niche.

If it’s for you, it’s for you, though!

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6. Anything that makes you cozy up.

Or have to hold hands – bonus!

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5. It’s really about connection.

If you can make that happen, it will be special.

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4. It’s burned in their brain.

Young love often feels like magic. Sigh.

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3. Just being together can be special.

If you like spending time with the person, I mean.

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2. I think that would qualify as a good date for anyone!

Flying someone to Paris is definitely a way to impress.

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1. I’d say that’s a hint you’ve found a good one.

I’m curious whether or not she remembers it the same way.

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These really give us something to aim for out there, don’t you think?

Have you ever been on a really good date? If you have, please keep the romance going and tell us about it in the comments!