It’s tough being in the military.

Oftentimes, you’re not the same person you were before becoming a member of the military. It changes you and you go through things that other people may not understand.

Today we’re going to meet 11 military members who reveal key secrets about themselves and their work that they simply don’t want to share with their loved ones.

Time to get interesting!

10. Such a horrible situation.

I hope you got some much needed therapy.

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9. They have programs for this now.

Nobody should suffer in silence.

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8. This is such a common thing.

People think they need to live their lives on the battlefield, but they don’t.

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7. You should really tell them.

They can help. Truly.

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6. This rarely seems like a good plan.

Get married and then leave? Who actually thought of that?

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5. Whoa dude.

You got engaged to a straight up slut.

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4. Isn’t this allowed these days?

I guess it depends on what country you belong to… hmmm…

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3. If you feel alone in most places… you probably need to talk to somebody.

This isn’t uncommon at all.

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2. It’s time to end the relationship.

You can get some amount of custody.

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1. How did you not earn it?

Isn’t that up to them, not you?

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Now that we’ve seen those confessions, what do you think about belonging to the military?

Would it be something that you’d want to do? Have you done it before?

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