Dating is rough in the best of times, so if you’re lucky enough to not have been single during this pandemic, you can probably only imagine that it’s been especially interesting over the past couple of years.

How has it been more challenging, though? Have people given up? Are there surprising perks?

These 11 people have been single and/or dating the whole time, and they’re ready to dish on exactly what it’s been like out there with covid.

11. Being super cautious has meant dry spells for many.

It’s almost always better to be safe than sorry, though.

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10. This person has just opted out.

Honestly, I think this might have been the best option.

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9. A few people still managed to get lucky.

In more ways than one (or two) I suppose.

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8. Some people have just acted like nothing weird is going on.

Which is a…choice, I suppose.

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7. People had to make due with what they had.

Which may have worked out in their favor.

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6. I have to say, it seems like a good time to be single.

Not to be dating, perhaps, but living alone.

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5. Safe social distancing means no dating.

Take this time to work on yourself.

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4. I’m sure it can get lonely.

Especially when it feels like everything is falling down at once.

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3. If you want to look at the bright side…

You can use this time to hone your other skills.

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2. It can be a good way to assess red flags.

You just have to know how to use it to your advantage.

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1. Same old, same old.

A virus can’t alter the universe in every possible way, you know?

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Yeah, I’m going to take a pass on all of this life, regardless of how things work out with my current relationships.

I honestly think I watch too many true crime documentaries to ever date again. Oops.

Have you been dating during the pandemic? Tell us in the comments what it’s been like for you!