It’s a well documented fact that the YouTube comments section is one of the absolute worst places on the internet. Incoherent fighting and screeching litters the commentary on just about any and every piece of media on the site. But every once in a while, those screeches go above and beyond the painful and enter the realm of “I can’t believe someone said that, oops I just spit out a little bit of my coffee.”

Here are 11 YouTube burns from which there is absolutely no hope of recovery.

11. Oof

OK I have nothing I could possible add to this, keep moving.

Screenshot via: ceingedie on Reddit

10. Scribble rap

If you haven’t heard this song yet, I highly recommend it. It’s life-changing.

Screenshot via: RemixedCat102 on Reddit

9. Taste the rainbow

Here’s a nice little bit of color commentary.

8. All aboard

I was so distracted by the comment I missed the fact that he’s playing a viola like a guitar.

Screenshot via: mcuJens on Reddit

7. Not funny

Hey, come on, he specifically ceded that point.

Screenshot via: SaltyFox99 on Reddit

6. Conan O’Burnin

We can only wonder what Wendy’s Twitter would have to say about this.

Screenshot via: blurryface2_1 on Reddit

5. Happy ending

This one isn’t from YouTube but it’s too bonkers not to share.

Screenshot via: Elishuns on Reddit

4. Facial migration

Whatever, it’s glorious. You’re clearly jealous.

Screenshot via: Dalanziel on Reddit

3. For Pete’s sake

I think he’d probably appreciate this.

Screenshot via: DaNewbie20 on Reddit

2. Cardinal directions

Show me the way, Pump.

Screenshot via: Dorito414 on Reddit

1. Running man

Maybe he needs to take a few pointers from Tom Cruise.

Screenshot via: AdumSundler on Reddit

Just remember, when you’re in a comment section, if you can’t say anything nice, say something clever but devastating.

What’s the best burn you’ve come across lately?

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