Let’s face it:

Though some of us don’t feel a day over 12 emotionally, we’re all old AF – and every waking hour is a reminder of how long ago our glory days actually were. Though we keep aging, we’ll always have our memories… until we get too old and all that sh^t fades away. Thankfully, we have photo lists to help us remember all the glorious places of our youth that we’ll never be able to return to again.

Damn, it hurts so good.

1. Trying not to get your hair caught in the slide at Discovery Zone

Photo Credit: keehnankonyha.com

2. Browsing the New Releases at Blockbuster on a Friday night

Photo Credit: throwback.com

3. Taking this exact charter bus on the best field trip of your life

Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Wandering through K.B. Toys at the mall while your mom shops for clothes at Montgomery Ward

Photo Credit: reddit

5. Spending hours combing through all the C.D.s at Borders

Photo Credit: reddit

6. Trying to find a seat at this exact lunch table without looking like a loser… and failing

Photo Credit: WorthingtonDirect.com

7. Playing with the built-in cigarette lighters in the back seat door of the family car

Photo Credit: reddit

8. Fighting for time at the command center of every home: the family computer…

Photo Credit: reddit

9. …then staring at this screensaver for minutes on end before playing Minesweeper and Solitaire

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: MinesweeperOnline

10. Creating a symphony of ‘clack-cla-cla-clacks’ while digging through video game cartridges in your best friend’s basement

Photo Credit: Facebook

11. Sitting on these with your neighbor besties and not giving af because you were invincible times infinity

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

We can never go back, you guys.

We. Can. Never. Go. Back.