If there’s one thing Tumblr is good for, it’s everything.

Also stories. Tumblr has the best stories. And below, I’ve compiled some of the best of the best of the best for you.

I read some of these last week and I’m still laughing inside, so I trust you will be too!

And away we go!

1. Wait for it…

Bungalow is my new favorite word.

Photo Credit: smeliot

2. Ugh small talk is the worst

It’s awkward AF, right?

Photo Credit: mathed-potatoes

3. Well that escalated quickly.

I like how casual this is. Well played, dad!

Photo Credit: hermininy

4. Grandparents are adorable.

That’s A LOT of banana bread, fam!

Photo Credit: asunsetdream

Seriously tho, about that mac and chee….

5. The most powerful f**king child in the universe.

You should have given them that soda, pops!

Photo Credit: flapperwitch

6. Confessions of a pizza driver…

So many Batmans! Wow!

Photo Credit: tybaar


How does this even work?! LOL.

Photo Credit: avocado–toast

8. ‘I am afraid…’

Best. Email. Ever.

Photo Credit: and-down-we-go

9. You can potty train a goat?? Oh…

I love that people still know about Pavlov.

Photo Credit: textpost-blog

10. I’m crying too tbh

Eat ALL the mac and cheese.

Photo Credit: rearfront.com

11. This kid is goin places.

Law school… here he comes!

Photo Credit: lesbianshepard


Chaotic good! Like Wall Street Bets!

Photo Credit: thestirge

13. Revenge is suh-WEET

Cats are the best, right?

Photo Credit: nogenderinthewasteland

14. Not-Jason is my kinda dude.

“No, you may not know my name.”

Photo Credit: coolmomsvevo

Ahhhh… those were highly entertaining. And informative. And all the things we expect to see from Tumblr.

Have any stories you want to share? Do that in the comments!

Well, it’s been grand. See you in a week when you come back for more… 😉