Nothing better than a kitteh’s love! These 11 Tumblr users get it and they’re spreading those warm, furry kisses all over the internet!

You get a forehead to forehead nuzzle! And you get a tiny paw on your face! And you get a wet nose touching your cheek!

Enjoy, cat fam. ?

11. *whispers* “They know…they know.”

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10. More visitors like this!

9. So. Hard. To. Punish.

8. Super cat mode, activated!

7. Hey, whatever works!

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6. Catputer!

5. One MILLION likes! One BILLION reblogs!

4. I’d totally keep these names!

3. Sounds like you need a kitteh…

2. Great on pizza.

1. Oh well, there go my plans…

Warm and fuzzy yet? Hope so!