Sometimes you walk into a restaurant and are so impressed by the ideas that you think, “Did I just step into the future?”

Here are 13 awesome examples of things that should be everywhere. Can somebody get on these already, please? Because they should absolutely happen immediately.


13. Free hair ties. Because nobody wants their hair in their ramen.

12. Need a bio-degradable stirrer? Try a stiff linguini noodle!

Photo Credit: crobb1011/reddit

11. A menu with a reading light? Ummm, YAS!

Photo Credit: unthused/reddit

10. Because we all need some free coffee every now and again.

Photo Credit: Phasyo/reddit

9. In Bulgaria, you can buzz a waiter’s smart watch to get their attention.

Photo Credit: currywurst666/reddit

8. This hourglass lets customers know when their food should arrive.

Photo Credit: Rickypediaa/reddit

7. Want to see what your pizza will look like? Check out the pizza pizza menu!

Photo Credit: polynilium/reddit

6. Yeah, it’s a credit card promotion, but it’s still pretty cool.

Photo Credit: noomehtrevo/redit

5. A coffee cup made out of recycled coffee? What is this? Heaven?!

Photo Credit: buttmogul/reddit

4. So much easier than having to tell somebody the gory details…

Photo Credit: HeartFraccing/reddit

3. Want some fresh basil? Cut your own!

Photo Credit: LORD-POTATO/reddit

2. MUCH better than those digital timers. And battery free!

Photo Credit: drslow4/reddit

1. What meals take the best photos? This menu gives you the 411.

Photo Credit: nighhtvid/reddit

The future is now!