ADHD is a heck of a thing. And it can be simultaneously frustrating and extremely liberating to realize that you’ve got it.

Frustrating because, I mean, look at all the crap you’ve gotta deal with. And liberating because at least now you better know how to approach your own brain.

And the best way to approach any brain is with, yanno, memes and tweets and stuff. So let’s get into that, before we forget.

11. New tricks

And I’m an old dog, so, all the harder.

10. The downhill slope

Who are these mythical unicorns y’all have been talking to.

9. The holy trinity

At least it all balances out, kind of?

8. Card, please

Might as well just get it tattooed on you and enter the number manually at this point.

7. A healthy diet

All things in moderation, but definitely all things.

6. Tonight, tonight

I’ll lose my crap tonight…

5. The

I think that was the writers trying to express how hard it is to craft the MILLIONTH EPISODE OF SPONGEBOB.

4. True connection

It was so nice talking to you until I forgot you existed.

3. Are y’all ok?

Very obviously we are not.

2. The memory hole

Do not ever trust your own brain. That thing has been out to get you from day one and you know it.

1. Under pressure

It takes a lot to crack me, but rest assured that I am going to crack.

Best of luck to you getting done whatever else you had to do today. Clicking this link probably wasn’t a great start, but you’ll do better now.

What’s the most ADHD thing about you?

Tell us in the comments.