Jobs. Can’t live with ’em, literally can’t live without ’em, because they provide you with money that you trade for things like food and shelter from the elements.

But also you get to wear fun flair and talk to angry customers all day about stupid policies that you didn’t come up with! So it’s not all bad!

On the real though, the job market for younger generations absolutely suck and we gotta do something about it. Something more than just tweet funny complaints, though, that’s definitely a start and we should laugh at those for a minute.

11. Wait, wait

I’m really not gonna sincerely apologize for a thing I have no control over.

10. Bills chills

I feel like the existence of Venmo has probably made a lot of serve lives much easier.

9. Kick it

Staring into the void, waiting to be home.

8. Take a tip

“If they want more they should work for it.”
I brought you the things you ordered, that’s my job, pay me.

7. The imbalance

An absolutely daily thing.

6. Use and abuse

I’m not sure you DO know.

5. Empty plate

It’s the same jokes every single time.

4. What have I done

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

3. Creative endeavors

Don’t let the man get in your way.

2. On the level

It’s frightening and you can never unsee it.

1. Hand it over

Wait, I totally forgot I’m an octopus.

Please be nice to the lower-level employees you interact with every day. They’re going through it. Don’t be a part of the problem.

What’s your job like?

Tell us in the comments.