Yeah, now we’re talking! 11 hilarious tweets to read and share with our friends who can’t find funny things on the internet, so we have to send all that sh^t to them.

Seriously, being the funny friend is SUCH a burden, but it’s something we must do or else our friends would never laugh.

Let’s go!

1. Oh… don’t they wish…

2. Damn Matt… what you do?!

3. It’s clearly option #2. Duh.

4. It’s settled. Thanks for playing.

5. Yep. Makes perfect sense.

6. Jim: “This one is named Fonzie! And this is Ms. Piggy!” Everybody: “Call the police.”

7. No no… they’re perfect…

8. Truth

9. Hey, he’s just asking…

10. TELL US!!!

11. Forever Alone

All. Pure. Fire.

Which ones made you LOL? Like, literally LAUGH OUT LOUD. Not a chuckle. Laugh THE f*ck out loud?

Drop a comment and let us know!