There’s a lot of cringe on Twitter. Like, a LOT.

But some of it transcends the usual cringe. Some of it skyrockets into “I think maybe we should call someone” levels of cringe, or even the dreaded “I’m pretty sure you’re trolling but even if you are what would possess you to want to troll in this way?” level of cringe.

It’s a lot to deal with. It’s not for the weak of mind. It’s something that you really have to steel yourself for. That said, prepare to steel away, because we’ve got a collection of Twitter cringe that might exceed all previous known levels of the phenomenon.

(Except where they involve public figures, all identities have been masked in order to protect…I dunno, all of us, I guess.)

11. Robbing the cradle

Age differences speak louder than words.

10. Please be kind

Um…ok. What the heck does that even mean?

9. Burn baby, burn

When the sky gets left on red, am I right?

8. Where wolf?

“Hello, internet police? Yes, I’d like you to shut it down please. The whole thing. I’m sending you a screenshot.”

7. Subtle loathing

Cool, I need to go take a million showers now.

6. Notice me Ariana

If this wasn’t written by a very very young and misguided person then I’m sincerely scared.

5. Dead serious

When the next war starts, it will not be for resources, nor land, nor for Holy glory, but for the memes.

4. Taking off

You’re not about to like tag your soundcloud, are you?

3. The masks we wear

Ok I wrote that last caption as a joke and then I read this one.

2. Princess

Genuinely this one makes me queasy.

1. Keep her memory alive


If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go shudder myself out of existence.

Which one is the cringiest?

Tell us in the comments.