There’s a lot of talk about how the internet is just a big distraction. Usually that’s phrased in a negative light, but I say, who doesn’t need a distraction now and then? I mean truly NEED one?

One of my favorite distractions is checking out what brilliant little nuggets of bite-sized laughs twitter has been cranking out. Here’s a few great ones to help you be distracted in a good way:

11. Oh… no no no…

10. Nobody’s winning in this score

9. Please don’t look

8. “Checkout is 5 minutes after you wake up”


6. Start practicing your sick voice

5. Mind your business, Netflix

4. Dodged a bullet

3. Oof

2. How bout shut your mouth

1. Villains have feelings too

There, now you’ve replaced whatever was swirling around in your head with visions of these scenarios put on the internet by strangers. Isn’t modern life miraculous?

What’s your favorite tweet recently?

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