More of us are cooking or baking at home right now, and we’re not all…great at it. But, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the path toward edible creations starts with some baking abominations.

Lucky for us, a lot of people have a good enough sense of humor about it to post their culinary misadventures publicly that we may revel in the failure together. Here are a few great examples.

12. It’s trying to escape

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Just don’t ask… #sourdough #bakingfail

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11. Cooking makes me pretty p*oped

10. I um…see the light?

9. We’re all in this together

8. This is the start of a Gremlins movie

7. The boxy bunny

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Epextecation vs reality. LOL! Happy Easter!#bakingfail

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6. Are those…manholes covers?

5.  Festering frosting

4. Burninate

3. These look like ancient symbols

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Baking fail ☹️ My macarons exploded and didn’t grow feet. I’m pretty sure it had to do with my almond flour. I made my own and I think it was too moist. I haven’t been able to find ready made almond flour but almonds are readily available. I’m gonna try again ? #macarons #bakingfail #quarantinebakingfail #quarantinebaking #frenchmacarons

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2. Don’t trust the crust

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In my attempt at making pizza, i discovered my yeast had expired in 2010. And the supermarkets had ran out of yeast. Then I read about making yeast from dried fruit. I used dried longan and here is an interesting outcome. The dough was stretchy and after baking, I ended up with a very pleasant tasting crispy and slightly chewy sweetish flatbread. It went really well with crunchy peanut butter. #baking #yeast #dough #driedfruityeast #flatbread #homemade #bakingfail

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1. At least they’re smiling?

It’s good to try new things. It’s good to be bad at those things for a while. If you like it, keep at it. And keep sharing the failures, cause they’re really funny.

What’s your biggest kitchen fail?

Tell us in the comments.