We all like to score good deals in life, but here’s the thing…you have to pay for most things, because it’s only fair to the people who sell, produce, or create those things. They need to eat, put gas in their cars, and all that kind of fun stuff, and really, they don’t want their kids to go hungry just so you can score a freebie.

Some people don’t really seem to understand the concept of an exchange of goods or services for money, and I know it might not be nice, but I really love being a fly on the wall when someone on the other end has just had enough of the bullsh*t and tells them where to go.

Which is what you’re about to see here, in these 12 texts.

12. This lady has some serious nerve!

11. This escalated quickly…and also, this person realizes that texts are forever, right?

Image Credit: Reddit

10. Yeah, good luck with all of that.

9. That’s not how any of this works.

8. Nice try, a-hole.

7. He asked for a password and got a lecture. Perfect.

6. Bahahaha hope she is having an open bar, because I would be drinking ALL THE BOOZE.

5. I guess he wasn’t up for a counteroffer.

4. Have your cake and eat it too…

3. What on earth is wrong with people.

2. Do you…think this has worked before?

1. If it’s so easy, you do it.

I am cringing so hard but also cheering, and it’s that what we come to the internet for?

Do you know people like this? Please don’t tell me you are one…as an author, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who think books should be free!

Don’t steal books (or music or movies et al). Just don’t.