There is no shortage of hard questions in this world, and most of us really hate to disappoint anyone that we love. We try not to, even, but sometimes life deposits two very important events on the same day, and no matter what choice we make, we’re going to upset someone.

In this case, a man decided to go and be with his dying grandmother, who raised him since his mother was an absent addict, instead of going ahead with the planned date for their wedding.

AITA for skipping my own wedding to see my dying grandma?
byu/Wontletitgo99 inAmItheAsshole

His ex-fiance (still girlfriend, though most, if not all, commenters are questioning the sanity in that) thought he was rude for not prioritizing their wedding.

People DEFINITELY did not agree with the girlfriend…

I mean. It’s a wedding, which can be rescheduled, and someone passing, which definitely cannot, so the answer really seems pretty obvious.

Most everyone was on the side of the original poster here, agreeing that being with the woman who raised you, and who has been there for you your entire life, is more important than a wedding to a woman who clearly doesn’t put your needs above her own.

This guy was basically in the right in EVERY way.

And who also can’t realize, you know, that a wedding is a material thing that yes, is important, but also yes, can be rescheduled.

What do you think? Was he wrong? Right? Should he dump her b*tt (I vote yes)?

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