You ever stumble on a Tumbl that made your mind rumble? If you’ve spent any good amount of time on Tumblr, you probably vaguely understand what I mean by that. The place is an absolute endless ocean of posts but every once in a while when you’re scrolling through you find something that makes you stop in your tracks and just get lost in it for a moment, whether that’s because it’s funny, or insightful, or just plain weird.

This collection of 12 such cases proves that Tumblr is one of the best website zones on the internet dot com.

12. Cracking the code

Oh to be young and delightfully dumb again.

11. The new hotness

It ain’t too hard to make someone’s day. 🙂

10. Kitty talk

So you have a cat that talks…and its name is fish?

9. Burying the lede

Don’t mess with the Irish, they’ve been through some stuff.

8. Broke backstories

Maybe I could use this as a way to make my taxes seem less boring.

7. Coo coo, bitches

Please be kind to my blocky son.

6. Night owl

This is why I’ll never get ahead in life.

5. Love the way you lie

Oh look, it’s me.

4. Blade II: Senior Year

The only class where you get more points for cutting.

3. Comma-kazi

How, dare, you, call me out, like this.

2. Write what you know

“Hello, fellow human person.”

1. Catharsis

The dread in this image is palpable.

And there you have it, just a few great Tumbles that can now tumble happily in your brain for the rest of the day. Hope you enjoyed them!

Who are your favorite people on Tumblr?

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