They say the children are our future. And my generation, Millennials, are no longer the children. There’s a new children in town, and they’re called Gen Z. Or Zennials. Or…royally screwed because the world is leaving them nothing. Anyway, these kids are coming into their own now, and they’ve got a lot of questions and concerns about us old folk.

Here are 12 questions from Gen Z to Gen M, and my best attempt at answering them.

12. You’re a cliche, Harry

I’ve never understood the HP house craze either, but at least it makes more sense than astrology.

11. Thing you very much

Answer: we have so little going for us that any event seems noteworthy.

10. J’accuse

Answer: we’re very, very anxious all the time about everything.

9. Dirty 30

Answer: we’re not proud of it, we talk about it constantly because our bodies hurt and we’re terrified. It’s gonna happen to you too, so, laugh it up while ya can.

8. The gif of gab

Answer: we learned real early on that nobody was listening to us so we figured our communication might as well look pretty.

7. I’ll drink to that

Answer: we’re seeking validation for our horrible coping mechanisms.

6. Back in MY day

Answer: there’s nothing special about remembering something a young person can’t. That said, every single generation talks like this eventually and so will you.

5. Go funko yourself

Answer: I have no idea. I’d never spend a penny on those things.

4. Keeping it classy

Answer: because we prefer things to have the illusion of fun and flavor without the substance of it.

3. A-men

Answer: we definitely didn’t start that, go ask Gen X.

2. Vowel obstruction

Answer: we want to be unique so badly that we’ll take it at any cost.

1. Book ’em

Answer: most of us stopped reading the Bible and we needed a new holy book.

I hope some of those answers were helpful. If they were, you’re welcome. If they weren’t, I was joking. Don’t @ me.

What questions do you have for/about Millennials?

Hit us with ’em in the comments.