About 4 times a day, I get the overwhelming urge to annoy the life out of my cat. Occasionally she seems appreciative of my over-zealous love, but mostly regards me as a nuisance. I wish there was a way to explain to her that she’s just too CUTE and FUZZY and ADORABLE to be left to her nap in peace. But she doesn’t get it.

That’s the struggle humans have to face with their cute animal encounters. It’s gotta be perplexing when we suddenly run after them and scoop them up while babbling baby gibberish. The good news is, you can do your babbling from afar using this list of adorable animals from around the web. No petting, unfortunately, but it’s the next best thing.

Let’s take a look at these cute creatures and if you don’t want to meet them all after going through these posts, well, you have no heart.

12. Put the massage on my bill

He loves his daily beak pets from aww

11. How to litter-box train your dragon

Close enough from aww

10. Murder floofs need love too

Zane isn’t a fan of the social distancing rules from aww

9. Hey! Rhino that guy!

Happy to see you from aww

8. Spot the cute

Dalmatian Momma with her pups from aww

7. One man’s trash panda is another man’s treasure panda

A young trash panda leisurely taking advantage of the quarantine from aww

6. How does this game instantly turn into a bath?

Baby cheetah does sneak attack on mom from aww

5. Can’t hide, can’t count, still a good doggo

Trying to play hide and seek with my dog, but she gets just TOO EXCITED when I spot her lol from aww

4. I demand an explanation

My mum washed all the dogs toys. And now he wont come in the house without them. from aww

3. If I fits, I slips

My mom adopted a cat that brings her slippers to her every morning. I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera finally from aww

2. The baby is hongry

I melted from aww

1. This has my seal of approval

Getting up in the morning from aww

Thank you to all the people of the internet for sharing their adorable floofs and chonks with us. Please give them all extra pets on our behalf.

Do you have a pet? How do they respond to your love?

Tell us in the comments.