If you happen to be having a bad day, and, let’s be honest, a lot of us are at the moment, I have just the thing. This is the kind of medicine that doesn’t require a prescription. This is the kind of cure with no adverse side effects. This is the kind of miracle remedy that’s 100% free. Because this…is dog memes.

The dog meme is perhaps the most wholesome form of meme, in that it reminds us of the purest, goofiest, most sincere form of love; that which we hold for our doggos. So, if you’re going through a rough patch, take 12 of these, and call me in the morning.


He needs to get to know you, Kevin, stop being weird.

11. Doin’ a sneak

Come for the vets, stay for the pets.

10. Licensed and bonded

It says here you require the services of a good boi.

9. Pudgy corgi

I thought I was the only fluff ball in your life?

8. Nesting instinct

If I spins, I wins.

7. Bear hug

Better take good care of him, that’s an endangered species.

6. Sweet dreams

Somebody just had the most amazing day at the park.

5. The bodyguard

“You wouldn’t even understand the mailmen I’ve seen…”

4. Hello, pillow

Who would dare reject her?

3. Coming out of his shell

Am I not turtely enough for the turtle club?

2. Pupperoni

They please for the cheese.

1. Between a rock and a soft place

You just gotta know the right technique.

Be sure to tell the doggos in your life today that they are very very good and deserve all the treats. I promise that will make this bad day treatment even more effective.

What’s your favorite thing about dogs?

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