2020 has been absolutely FULL of surprises. Most of them…horrible. But a few have been great, or at least fun to talk about? Such is the case with author Stephanie Meyer’s announcement that she will be releasing a new Twilight book this year. Meyer, whose Twilight series has sold over 100 million copies and spawned 5 feature films over the last 15 years (not to mention indirectly creating the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon), says that the new installment will drop on August 4th, 2020.

This volume is called Midnight Sun, and it’s a retelling of the Twilight story from Edward’s perspective. Work began on the project years ago, but it was abandoned after several chapters of the manuscript were leaked online, which threw Meyer off her groove. But now, at long last, the lost work will see fruition, and the internet is going nuts about it.

15. I said what now?

When asked if he would enjoy the movies were he not a part of them, Pattison said he “would just mindlessly hate it.”

14. Hope in the darkness

Honestly, we’ll take anything we can get right now.

13. Count me in

I wasn’t really aware there was a Twilight renaissance, but, here we are.

12. Interesting news

To be fair, he’s chilled about the franchise over the years.

11. Team Jacob

Let the fighting commence.

10. What we do in the shadows

Those movies have made him tens of millions of dollars, he can’t be that upset.

9. Throwing shade

I guess this is from the leaked manuscript?

8. Shed a tear for me


7. Spill the tea

They’ll simply have to chime in.

6. Picture this

The story of the story coming out is compelling in and of itself.

5. Not the hero we deserve

But the one we need right now.

4. Fork this

This is a pretty sweet preview.

3. Times have changed

There are…so many more important things to fight about.

2. Forever 17

I always found this super creepy.

1. The horror!


Well, now that I’m done getting weirdly upset about how rich Robert Pattinson is, I feel I should atone by actually watching one of this movies. Like Twilight. Or…maybe The Lighthouse. Yeah, The Lighthouse.

How are you feeling about this upcoming book?

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