You don’t just wanna go through this big, crazy world without at least a few memes on ya. Gotta keep ’em stocked up at all times.

What if you should come to a meme checkpoint and find yourself empty handed? Devastating.

Don’t let that happen to you. Stock up on your memes here.

It’s not a big haul, but the provisions are sound. Here are twelve random memes to have and to hold.

12. Music to my ears

I know that saying this makes me old but it is also true.

11. Forked up

Excuse me, I seem to have forgotten how to be.

10. A blazing show

Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy.

9. Say anything

I can’t tell if this meme is ironic or not. It’s just so bad/good.

8. Phony phone

I’ll scroll on that thing when the battery is dead, I don’t care.

7. Devil’s in the details

So it was a pretty amicable divorce, then?

6. Shoot your shot

You’ll never know until you try.

5. Herd mentality

This goes quadruple in 2020.

4. Just coasting

At least I’m still on track, I guess.

3. Watch party

I will envy people who can fall asleep this easily for the rest of my life.

2. Drink up

Hello, welcome to your thirties.

1. Oh, Michael

Scorsese’s next movie looks great.

Stock up on memes wherever you go. They are the lifeblood of the modern age.

Where do you go to get the best memes?

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