If you’re one of those people who can’t un-hear something after it’s been said (or in this case, read), well, you might want to turn back now.

Because there’s a chance one of these food workers is going to tell you why they would never eat your favorite dish, and then you’ll be sh*t out of luck, as they say.

Me? I’m going to brave it.

12. McDonald’s Big Mac.

It’s just “a double cheeseburger with thousand island dressing (aka Mac Sauce) and it’s usually twice the price.”

11. Matinee movie popcorn.

It’s reheated from the night before, but you’re not getting a discount.

10. A lemon for your drink.

“Every server has touched them. No one has time to use tongs to place individual lemons on the side of glasses.”

9. Anything fried if you can smell the oil.

It means it’s not getting changed or cleaned nearly often enough.

8. Sonic’s ice cream.

“Nobody cleans the machines unless they break down.

Even then nobody cleans the cabinet in the bottom that the fan blows on the milk.

The fan is ALWAYS covered in mold because we can not get to it to clean it.”

7. Pizza Hut’s pan pizzas.

Apparently the pans are full of mold.

6. Subway’s…everything.

“All the meat comes prepackaged and smell like F*rts when you open them.

The veggies patties smell even worse. So my answer to this question is, don’t eat at Subway.

It’s all nasty.”

5. Burger King’s fish sandwich.

It doesn’t get ordered often, so unless you ask for some kind of special order, your fish has probably been sitting under the warming tray for quite some time.

4. Any steakhouse’s “well-done” steak.

“I’ve worked places that had a separate bin on the line for steaks that smelled sour and had turned green, just for people who asked for [well done].”

And this wasn’t a cheap place — “this was a legit, fancy-ass ‘$40 an entree’ place.”

3. Concession stand hot food.

Anything packaged is safe, but between mold and vermin, you’ll want to avoid anything that’s being cooked (like hot dogs).

2. Fast food milkshakes.

The machines are rarely cleaned and unless a place is known for their shakes, they’re probably not even using real ice cream.

1. Arby’s roast beef.

Workers say “it doesn’t even look close to real meat,” likening it instead to a sausage-like hot dog that has been sliced thin.

I think I escaped mostly unscathed, but let’s be honest. My diet already consists of soggy, half-eaten toddler castoffs, so I’m in no position to be picky.

Did one of your favorites make the list? I’m sorry about that!