It can be cathartic to share moments in our lives that have been hard to stomach, especially when other people are brave enough to do the same.

There’s safety in numbers, and there’s a sense of community that makes us feel like maybe, in this particular case, we’re not losers because we’ve been brutally shut down at least once in our lives.

So when somebody asked on Twitter… lots of folks responded.

Just warning you, though, some of these are going to make you cringe harrrrrd.

15. Information that could have been useful a decade ago.

14. Totally knew that, yep.

13. Some people are always looking for the greener grass.

12. Why do kids have to be such a-holes?

11. Or a not-so-subtle hint.

10. What does that even MEAN?

9. What kind of cr*p is this?

8. Oh, somebody thought they were being slick.

7. What a massive wanker.

6. I would want to set it on fire.


4. Yeah sorry to say was definitely you.

3. Girl, you should have given him one sentence, tops.

2. I hope not because of this incident.

1. Well, that’s awkward.

I just…bravo for sharing, people. Bravo.

Do you have a story like this? Are you brave enough to share?

If so, we’d love to hear all about it in the comments!