There’s nothing better than reading through a list of tweets that are wonderfully curated and funny – and that goes double for hilarious women, because fistbump.

These 12 tweets are going to do the trick for you today, just watch.

12. Now I’m sorry I missed it.

11. I see this as a win, honestly.

10. Does it even matter anymore?

9. Life is just so weird right now.

8. Please don’t do it for the love of god.

7. This is just downright funny.

6. I do love a good Venn diagram.

5. We did all come out of is as well as TayTay, sadly.

4. How I miss those sticky floors.

3. Tri-polar.

2. You can have either whenever you want.

1. He knows you’re not stepping out on him.

I don’t know about you, but I really needed these laughs!

Are you needing extra funnies from your tweets these days? Tell us where you’re finding them in the comments!