There can be no doubt on these two things: women are hilarious, and Twitter is the perfect showcase for their humor.

Please see Exhibit A: these 13 near-perfect tweets. Please enjoy!

13. This was an episode of Seinfeld. Lol.

12. We definitely didn’t expect this.

11. A very apt description.

10. Confession: I am too old to understand Instagram stories.

9. Let’s all get crazy.

8. This is my favorite tweet of the modern age.

7. Alcohol brings its own fun.

6. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5. He’s hunting. Ha!

4. It’s felt like that since 2016 tbh.

3. It’s time to lower expectations.

2. It’s somewhere in the middle.

1. Hahahahaha someone will get mad about this.

I’m giggling and I’ve gotta say, I really needed that today!

Do you have a favorite Twitter account that always gets you laughing? Share it with us in the comments!