If you were designing your dream home, what would you include? A pool? A library? Maybe something entirely novel?

Consider this idea. Murray Berrill of Murray Berril Constructions in Victoria, Australia has made quite a splash on social media with an unusual staircase that holds a delightful hidden secret.

The handyman custom-made the stairs for his sister’s home, and included a wonderfully creative surprise. You can see what appear to be drawers built into the stairs throughout. A clever storage solution, maybe?

But these drawers aren’t for just any purpose. Each one is designed as a sort of segmented wine-rack; the stairs double as a wine cellar. (Insert bad joke about a 12 step program here.)

With all 12 drawers combined, the staircase can hold more than 150 wine bottles, which would be impressive for any storage area, much less one so cleverly hidden away.

Lovers of both booze and interior design spread the post like wildfire, and soon Berrill was doing segments with local news stations like WIN in Victoria.

He told WIN,

“It’s a matter of being smart, and utilizing your space, so that you’ve actually got a lot of good storage, but you don’t have to have a huge house.”

And Berrill joked about the capacity of these steps…

“If you start at the bottom and work your way up, I doubt you’ll get to the top.”

What do you think? Would you put one of these in your home if you could? Would you modify it in some way?

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