Gemini peeps! Stand up!

Oh, there’s a lot of you in here. Wow. It’s like we’re an army.

Then let’s take over the f*cking world!

Or, ya know, have fun between May 21st and June 21st…

12. Oh, you don’t mind the crazy between the sheets, do ya?

11. The best sign. #truth

10. I don’t know words or readers

9. **sniff**

8. You’ll never know what hit you…

7. That nice… do u think I care?

6. All day, every day.

5. It’s like Halloween, but we gonna haunt YOU!

4. Nobody will be spared!

3. Don’t hate the game…

2. It’s happening!!!

1. Roll wit dis…

It’s only 31 days.

You can survive.